Update on the Writing of the National Catechetical Directory for the Philippines

SHORT BACKGROUND: During the last term of Most Rev. Roberto Mallari as ECCCE Chair, he commissioned Rev. Msgr. Pedro Gerardo O. Santos to take charge of the Revision of Catechism for Filipino Catholics (CFC). Msgr. Gerry was given the free hand to select members of the Technical Working Group (TWG). On the initial meeting of the members of the TWG, brought by the release of the Directory for Catechesis 2020, an inspiration of writing a New National Catechetical Directory should take precedence before revising the CFC. Since then, the group had regular Thursday evening meetings for the preparations of formulating the NCDP. Appointment letters were sent to the major superiors and direct heads of the committee members. The Directory for Catechesis 2020 authored by the Pontifical Council for New Evangelization will serve as the main reference for the formulation of the storyline of NCDP, as well as the survey questionnaire to be given to the Diocesan Catechetical Ministries all over the country. Msgr. Gerry pointed out that the new NCDP will be written and authored primarily by the Bishops of the Philippines.

With the continuous guidance and support of the ECCCE Chair, His Excellency Most Rev. Elmer Mangalinao, (December 2021) and now with Most Rev. Daniel Presto, the work of the Local Church continues to progress in the spirit of Synodality for the writing of the new NCDP. Below is the progress report from the Secretariat of the Ad Hoc Committee on the writing of the New National Catechetical Directory for the Philippines.

FULL TEXT OF THE UPDATE ON THE WRITING OF THE NEW NCDP (from December 2021 upto June 2023)

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