The Certificate in Catechetical Leadership and Supervision (CCLS) is a two-year formation course for catechetical leaders and supervisors as a response to the Church’s call for an intensified and renewed effort on the proclamation of the Gospel to transform the world in the love of Jesus Christ. In collaboration with the Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education (ECCCE), the CCLS equips its participants with the necessary theological, catechetical, and pastoral knowledge and skills which may be helpful for their work in the frontlines of the catechetical ministry in their dioceses, vicariates, parishes, and local communities. In this way, the catechetical ministry can actively participate in fostering a more synodal Church – a Church that listens and journeys with everyone, especially the poor. The program also envisions to help build a Church that urges every Christian to be a catechist: a living testimony of the kerygmatic sharing of the Word exemplified in the fullness of a joyful Christian life.

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