Greetings from the Chairman

Grace and peace! We are celebrating a milestone in our life as a Church with the 5th Centenary of our faith. We cannot help but look at those who worked before us in God’s vineyard. We look with gratitude and build on what they have started. In reality we are not starting anything new, neither we start from nothing. We add bricks by bricks, stone by stone to reinforce, as it may, what they have built on. May this humble ECCCE website help all our catechists, their formators and other catechetical ministers in strengthening the catechetical structure that our early missionary catechists faithfully labored. May you all find in this website new fervor as we all sail in the vast sea of new evangelization bringing us all to the shore of God’s immense love and mercy in our personal relationship with His Son whom He has sent, the very object of our kerygmatic proclamation. That’s the only way we can solidly build on the foundation on what our missionaries started. May Mary, the Star of New Evangelization guide us all closer to Him. With every good wish on your catechetical endeavors, I remain

+Roberto C. Mallari, D.D.
Chairman, ECCCE

Warm welcome to
CBCP-ECCCE website.

We offer this as a humble service to everyone who endeavors selflessly to the work of catechesis in the parish communities and educational institutions. This might be a small contribution in the catechetical ministry but like the mustard seed, may all our efforts, tended as they are by the Divine Sower Himself, grow rapidly, offering help to all our catechetical ministers.

Onwards to the 500th year of the coming of Christianity in our shore and beyond through our patient, persistent, prayer-filled catechetical endeavors.

- Rev. Fr. Ernesto B. de Leon
ECCCE Executive Secretary

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